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  BPII Strategic Globalisation Plan: Creative Change and Innovation. Global Outreach for Entrepreneurs and Professionals. Branded Products and Service Domians. Strategic Development and Integration Gateway. Helps @ infocomm SG ... Helps @ e-biz SG
Chartered Resources and Infocomm SG Consortium. Division of BPII Organisation.
Consulting, Research and Development. Strategic Integration
Seminar and Workshop : Global Business Conference.
  Job and Business Creation Seminar : Strategic Globalisation Conference
International Business Conference on Globalisation and the Strategic Gateway Plan
  You are welcome to join us for continual education, business or professional development or
as our Education, Business or Professional Service Providers.
InfoComm.SG Plan for Creative Change & Innovation.
E-Biz SG Solution for New marketplaces and Opportunities.
Contact your country host for consultation & registration .
Infocomm SG Plan   E-biz SG Solution

What is Strategic Globalisation and its Strategic Gateway Plan?
  Strategic Integration of members' services and products - Cooperation and Synergy.
Establishment of new marketplaces. Job and business creation opportunities.
We create the network of places, people and opportunities.
You establish the mission for the journey.
We build the Development Highway.
You explore the world of possibilities and find your own fit for the better.
We provide a unique Cooperative Resource Management System.
You choose the Strategic Gateway Program Plan for the change.

For Who?
  Connected for education, personal and professional development
Strategic Gateway into one world community, new marketplaces and opportunities
Practice Startups and Entrepreneurs  
Business Practitioners and Owners  
Professionals in any discipline  
Trainers and Educators including Schools, Institutions of Learning and Educational centres  
Business and Professional Service Providers in any speciality - as Individual or Corporate  

For What ?
  Strategic Development and Integration Gateway into new frontier.
InfoComm.SG Plan is
for Globalisation, Creative Change and Innovation.
Strategic Development and Integration Gateway Plan for global reach and new marketplaces.
Interdisciplinary Knowledge Cooperation.
Infocomm Highway into communities worldwide and E-biz opportunities.
Leverage Advantage : Resource collaboration among Specialty Network Groups.
  Membership for Service:

Chartered Network
Montessorian World
Chartered Resources
  Choice of two Specialty Network Groups and a Multifaceted & Multidisciplinary Service Consortium.
Networked for business and professional development worldwide. Internationally recognized Brands.

Job and Business Creation Seminar
Creative Opportunities and Cooperative Development
  Education, Business and Professional Service Providers ; Country and Community Hosts
needed as strategic partners in over 60 countries worldwide and 32 provinces/cities in China.
We are evolving to reach the world and the people. Contact us if you can contribute to the process.
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